Nicole Kidman's $10M penthouse: Car elevator included

by Ilyce Glink for CBS

Actress Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband Keith Urban have just bought a new apartment in Manhattan - but the $10 million price tag isn't what's catching people's attention.

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The most newsworthy feature of the home is a reported car elevator.

The Huffington Post claims the West Chelsea apartment building where Kidman and Urban plan to make their new home is the first and only to have a Sky Garage-complete with car elevator.

Entering on street level, owners ride in their car up the elevator to their floor and reverse into their garage.

Better make sure not to give it too much gas and go crashing into the dining room - or off the side of the building.

A car garage makes a whole lot of sense if you're constantly being chased by paparazzi, don't feel like blowing $700 per month to pay for a parking garage in Manhattan, or don't like hauling groceries up the elevator. (Though, in a ritzy building like this, you'd probably be able to tip the doormen $10 to get them to do it.)

And on a day where you just don't want to get wet while you're on the way to a photo shoot, it's nice not to worry about going in the outdoors, even for a moment.

Other than that it's a pretty standard celebrity home: three-bedroom penthouse with 3 1/2 baths, gorgeous views of the Hudson River and 3,248 square feet. Plenty of room for daughter Sunday Rose to toddle around.

The Academy Award-winning actress and her country crooner husband also own property in Nashville, Tennessee, and Kidman's home country, Australia.

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