The pros pick: Decorators weigh in on the ultimate white paint

Choosing the right shade of white paint isn't actually that straightforward. There's a ton of nuance involved: some skew yellow or even pink, adding warmth to a room, while some have cool undertones that give walls a feeling of crispness. Overwhelmed by the breadth of choices at my local paint store, I assembled a panel of top interior decorators from coast to coast to clue the rest of us in on their favorite ivory shades-and why.

Schuyler Samperton:

"Benjamin Moore's "Ivory White" goes with everything. It's beautiful creamy tone."

Jesse Carrier:

"Benjamin Moore "White Dove" is the perfect shade of white….not too yellow, not too blue. If we had a "signature trim color" this would be it!"

Chloe Warner:

"Benjamin Moore's "Atrium White." It is the perfect balance between creamy and chilly, and looks amazing on woodwork and trim."

Miles Redd:

"I love Benjamin Moore "Super White," in high gloss because it is bright and happy."

Grant K. Gibson:

"My favorite is to mix 50% "Linen White" with 50% "Decorators White" [both by Benjamin Moore]. It's the perfect white-not too creamy, not too stark."

Molly Leutkemeyer:

"My favorite shade, hands down is "Gardenia" by Dunn Edwards. I love how the color manages to be creamy and rich but still read as a crisp white. It is my go to for a fresh, clean look."

Delphine Krakoff:

"Decorators White" from Benjamin Moore! The perfect white-not too cool, not too warm, perfectly neutral."

Nick Olsen:

"My fave shade of white is Benjamin Moore "White Dove"-it's warm but not too yellow, not too gray. Looks great in oil-based high gloss on trim!"

Ellie Cullman:

"Painting the walls, moldings, trim and ceiling in different shades of white adds depth and a hint of character to an otherwise basic paint job. We start with "White Dove" on the walls, because of all the different shades, this white isn't warm or cool, grey or yellow, historical or too new - it's just right.

For any room, our favorite combination of Benjamin Moore paints is the following: "White Dove" eggshell finish on the walls, a combination of 2/3 "White Dove" and 1/3 "Super White" satin finish on the trim and moldings (or 50/50 for a little bit brighter white,) with "Super White" flat finish paint on the ceiling."