Weekend project: make your stainless steel kitchen sink sparkle

Kitchen sinks take such a beating everyday-all those dirty dishes, pots and pans, and rinsing of who-knows-what by every member of your family, all day long, can take its toll. And even with all the cursory rinses and sponge downs you probably do on a daily basis, over time, despite the fact that it's called "stainless" you'll probably start to notice all kinds of little spots and scratches that won't just wash away. So it's a good idea to give yours some love every now and then, and it's easy, too-no fancy (or expensive) cleaning tools or agents needed. In fact, chances are, you've already got everything you need to get the job done in your pantry.

On Apartmenttherapy.com I found the following handy guidelines. First, you'll want to clean it. Mix a paste of baking soda and water, spread it all over, and use a very fine steel wool scrubber to buff out all the hairline scratches before rinsing.

To tackle water spots, splash some white vinegar onto a sponge to remove them. If you see rusty bits, take them on with a bit of rubbing alcohol. For stubborn stains, mix three parts cream of tartar to one part hydrogen peroxide on the spots, and wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge.

For added shine, you can either toss in a few tablespoons of all-purpose flour to polish the sink with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can also use club soda for this task: just plug the sink and pour some in and let it sit for a bit, and as it drains buff out any lingering spots with a cloth.

And lastly, to give it a glossy finish, sprinkle in a couple drops of baby oil and distribute it over the surface with a paper towel.

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