10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Quick

Changing your life doesn't have to happen in one giant leap. You can take small steps to becoming a new, healthier you. Check out these 10 tips below, then click here for 25 more quick and easy ways to get healthy in an instant.

1. Turn off the noise.
Watching TV caused women in one study to eat 14 percent more calories than those who ate in silence. Eating mindfully with no distractions enhances enjoyment, plus you'll stop eating when you're full - not when the show's over.

2. Reorganize your pantry
Stash easy-to-grab treats and sweets (cookies, chips, crackers) up high. If a snack requires a step stool, you'll think twice about eating it. Store nutritious snacks (nuts, dried fruits, applesauce) at eye level.

3. Add fish to your menu.
Replace a meat-based meal with fish twice a week. You'll likely save on calories, plus fish is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Not a fish fan? Try tilapia or grouper, two milder fish.

4. Order first at restaurants.
Eating out with friends can increase calorie intake by 18 percent. Decide what you'll order before you go out, then order first (to avoid being swayed by a friend's order of fettucini alfredo).

5. Take pleasure in dinner prep.

Don't think of dinner prep as burdensome: Think of it as cool-down time between day and dinner. And remember: Even if you order a pizza, it takes 30 minutes to arrive, so takeout is no faster!

6. Become a sugar sleuth.

Food labels don't distinguish between natural and added sugars. Look for sugar or one of its aliases - high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate, molasses, malt syrup - among the first few ingredients.

7. Sit when you eat.

A handful of chips on the fly, a bite off your child's plate as you clear it - a few nibbles here and there can quickly add up. Make it a rule to eat only when you're sitting, and odds are you'll cut calories.

8. Add flavor - not fat - to your meals.
Pair foods with low-calorie condiments and seasonings that also benefit your health. Some ideas: hummus (high in fiber and protein) with carrots, steamed broccoli with garlic powder (garlic prevents colds).

9. Plan for tummy growls.

Prepare for between-meal hunger pangs by planning two healthy snacks a day. Restock your pantry with nutrient-rich, low-calorie, grab-and-go options, such as trail mix, air-popped popcorn, and apples.

10. Throw out trans fats.

These unhealthy fats raise artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and reduce heart-protective HDL cholesterol. Look for it on food labels or on the ingredients list as "partially hydrogenated oil."

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