10 Foods that Will Boost Your Metabolism

Eat this to get your insides going.Eat this to get your insides going."Having a fast metabolism is everything," says Lisa Lynn, a metabolic weight loss specialist (and former Martha Stewart trainer!) behind the LynFit diet program. "You can win the health war with foods that are metabolism boosters." Lisa schools us on what to eat to speed up our metabolism and burn, baby, burn calories.

By Michelle Ruiz

1. Green Apple
"The biggest thing to keep your metabolism going: Eat! Look at metabolism like a fire: You have to keep feeding it in order for it to burn. So have a green apple around 3 p.m. each day; that's when metabolism starts to decline. An apple a day keeps the fat away."

2. Protein Shake
"Protein is the best way to boost that fire of your metabolism. Nothing is better than a whey protein shake-it's full of the amino acids that you need to burn calories."

3. White Fish
"The lighter and whiter the fish, the better it is for your metabolism. You know when fish is so light and flaky, you can just break it with a fork? That's how easy it is to digest."

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4. Chicken
"Consider chicken a solid back-up for fish. It doesn't pack as much protein by mass as fish, but it's still a good option when you want to boost metabolism."

5. Leafy Greens
"Kale, romaine lettuce, and spinach are the biggies-they burn even better than broccoli."

6. Black Coffee
"Coffee is a great metabolizer. Caffeine is one of the oldest tricks in the book to put your body into fat loss. But it has to be black-no dairy creamers, no skim milk-they have sugar that stops fat from burning."

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7. Egg Whites
"There's no fat in egg whites, and they're all protein-prime for your metabolism."

8. Grapefruit
"Grapefruit helps cleanse the liver, which makes it a great snack."

9. Green Tea
"Green tea won't elevate your metabolism on its own, but it will help keep you in fat-burning mode. It gives you something to sip on in between meals. It's important to be eating and drinking to keep the fire burning."

10. Spicy Spices
"Chili peppers and red pepper flakes lower blood sugar and start to starve fat. Spices like these push the metabolic process along a little bit faster."

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