10 Gadgets That Make Healthy Eating Easier

By Olivia Putnal

Nutrition in the KitchenNutrition in the Kitchen Nutrition in the Kitchen

Healthy cooking can be a lot of work, which is why so many of us resort to prepackaged foods. But cooking light doesn't have to be labor-intensive-if you've got the right tools. You can save calories with portion-control plates or whip up a meal of veggies and lean protein in a matter of minutes with a microwavable steamer. For healthy meals that are (almost) as easy as heating up a frozen entrée, check out these 10 culinary product must-haves.

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Pop Till You Drop Pop Till You Drop
Pop Till You Drop

Skillet popcorn can be pretty fattening when you take into account the cooking oil, and the corn in microwavable bags is often loaded with preservatives. This hot-air corn popper is the perfect alternative for a lowfat, high-fiber snack. Using hot air lets you skip the added calories of oil and keep your kernels au naturel. Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper, $19.99; Amazon.com.

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Get SteamedGet Steamed

Get Steamed

Not only will this two-tier microwave steamer eliminate the butter and oil that comes with frying, sautéing and even grilling, it also cuts down cooking times. Just fill the separate tiers with protein and veggies and add water to the bottom before sticking it in the microwave. You'll have your entire meal ready in no time! 2 Tier Microwave Steamer, $9.95; AsSeenOnTV.com.

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Misty MindedMisty Minded
Misty Minded

Given the essential fatty acids olive oil contains, you don't want to skip it. But you definitely want to minimize your intake. To control your portions, fill this oil mister with olive oil (and herbs if you want added flavor) and lightly mist over salads or the pan when cooking. You'll never accidentally add too much again. Prepara Oil Mister, $14.57; Amazon.com.

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Scale It Back Scale It Back
Scale It Back

One of the best ways to manage your portions is with a food scale. Anything from fruits and veggies to chicken and fish can easily be weighed so you don't overeat. This digital scale is easy to use and spill-proof for minimal cleanup. Plus, it comes in 12 fun colors to match any kitchen decor! Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale, $23.98; Amazon.com.

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Veggie DelightVeggie DelightVeggie Delight

You love peeled veggies, but hate the mess, right? This very modern peeler takes the skin off everything from carrots and cucumbers to those dreaded potatoes, but it comes with a chamber that collects the shavings, making cleanup a cinch. Solutions Veggie-Peel, $9.99; Solutions.com.

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Herbal RemedyHerbal Remedy
Herbal Remedy

Fresh herbs are a lowfat way to pack flavor into a dish. Too bad the bunch tends to wilt before you have time to use it. Well, not anymore! Thanks to this nifty gadget, herbs will last up to three weeks when stored in the fridge. Prepara Herb Saver, $29.99; Macys.com.

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Learn all about fresh herbs and how to cook with them.

Avocado AdvocateAvocado Advocate

Avocado Advocate

Avocados are great for promoting heart health, lowering cholesterol and preventing breast cancer. But because they're high in "good fats," nutritionists recommend a serving size that's one-sixth of a medium avocado. To store the rest, use this avocado saver, which reduces exposure to air, keeping your avocado fresher for longer. Harold Import Company Avo Saver, $5.70; Amazon.com.

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Mix It Up Mix It Up
Mix It Up

If you're not careful, you can really rack up the calories with salad dressing, especially the full-of-fat store-bought kind. This mixer makes it a cinch to whip up your own-all you have to do is pour in your ingredients and pull the trigger to blend. Plus, the leakproof cap allows for mess-free storage in your fridge. Williams-Sonoma Chef'n Salad Dressing Emulsifier, $14.95; Williams-Sonoma.com.

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Taste the Tang
Taste the TangTaste the Tang

Store-bought juices can be packed with sugar, and many don't even contain real fruit. With this 34-oz juicer, you can squeeze lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits for a fresh and healthy homemade beverage. It even lets you adjust the amount of pulp you want! Black & Decker CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer, $23.99; Amazon.com.

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Portion ControlPortion Control
Portion Control

Serving size is the key to losing weight, and more often than not, the naked eye isn't very good at judging it. These stylish dishes make portion control a no-brainer with graphic designs that measure how big your veggie, side and entrée servings should be. Slimware plates, $36.50 for a pack of four; Slimware.com.

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