10 Healthy Choices to Make This Week

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New Year's resolutions season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't have a fresh start. The start of a new week is the perfect opportunity to resolve to make a few changes to your lifestyle to be healthier and happier. Here are 10 healthy choices you should make this week.

  • Prep Your Meals: Taking a few hours to shop for, cut, and wash vegetables and plan meals all at once saves time and can be the difference between grabbing a muffin on the run and sitting down to enjoy a nutritious breakfast. Map out your healthy meal plan at the beginning of the week so you're not stuck when things get busy later in the week.
  • Pencil It In: Make an exercise schedule for the week - you'll be more apt to stick to it. If you treat your workouts like can't-miss meetings or dinner dates, you'll give them the priority they need (instead of just brushing it off if your friends decide it's time for happy hour).
  • Eat Breakfast Every Day: It can be easy to skip that most important meal of the day when you're running late for work. But eating breakfast as soon as possible after you've woken up or gotten back from a workout will not only fuel your brain and body for the day, but you'll also be less apt to ravenously overeat during the rest of the day.
  • Switch Heels For Flats: They may be cute, but recent study found that women who wore heels for 40 hours a week had permanent Barbie feet since their calf muscles stayed shortened, which is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to injury. If you wear heels every day to work, try to cut back and wear flats once or twice this week.
  • Sneak in Some Veggies: You can never have too many vegetables - they're highly nutritious while usually very low in calories. If you've been feeling like your weekly meal plan could use a few more greens, add some leafy greens to your morning smoothie, bake a treat with hidden veggies like these chocolate zucchini muffins, or combine dinner leftovers with a fresh salad for your weekday lunches.

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  • Indulge Without Guilt: A diet without a little leeway is one that's not sustainable. Don't deprive yourself - you can have an occasional treat without blowing your healthy eating goals. A little of the real thing goes a long way, so go ahead and eat your favorite dessert in moderation.
  • Go For Five More Minutes: Challenge yourself this week by going just that much more when you're working out. Whether you're running on the treadmill or biking on a nice day, find out how many more calories you can burn by doing just five more minutes of exercise.
  • Take a Break: Stress can build up before you know it, and that can mean weight gain, restless sleep, and more. Make this the week that you pay attention to your workload and family obligations, take a break with these five things you can do to de-stress when you're feeling overwhelmed.
  • Nix Mindless Snacking: Reaching for a cookie or two while you're watching your favorite show or wandering back to the kitchen soon after dinner can sabotage any good work you've done during the day. If you can't seem to stop snacking when you're not hungry, read our tips for stopping late-night snacking here.
  • Go to Bed Earlier: Many times the fact that you're so tired in the morning can be due to a lot of things, like a disruptive environment or too much digital consumption right before bed, but a lot of times, it's also due to the fact that you aren't getting enough sleep. If you're constantly feeling shortchanged when it comes to sleep quantity, resolve to go to bed earlier this week to see how you feel.

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