10 Healthy Ways to Get Epic Confidence

Pump up your ego!Pump up your ego!Even if you've got a Rihanna-like ego, you're bound to need a good self-esteem boost every so often. Next time your confidence is on shaky ground, crank it up with one of these easy tactics.

By Casey Gueren

1. Fiddle with your Facebook timeline. Sure, reading a bunch of humblebragging status updates from friends may just piss you off, but a Cornell University study found that spending time editing and adding to your own profile actually makes you feel better about yourself and the awesome things going on in your life. The kudos you just scored from your boss? Yeah, hit post.

2. Put on the one outfit or item of clothing you already know you look fantastic in. When you're wearing something you really can rock, your self-assuredness skyrockets, says clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of A Happy You. There's a reason Kim Kardashian is always sporting the same bandage dress silhouette-she looks banging in it, and she knows it!

3. Have a dance party. "Any form of exercise produces biochemical changes in your body that boost your mood and your confidence," says Dr. Lombardo. Plus, shaking your ass to Nicki Minaj has a way of making you want to steal her awesome attitude.

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4. Sit up straight. We know we sound like a nagging mother, but it totally works. Researchers at Ohio State University found that improving your posture removes self-doubt from your thoughts. Try it the next time you're in an important meeting; you'll come off as strong and smart.

5. Make a Pinterest board of your proudest achievements (and not just recipes you swear you'll try). Keeping reminders of the amazing things you've accomplished-a degree, solo vacation, even finally kicking a jerky guy to the curb-reminds you how capable you are, says Lombarto.

6. Wear red. It's the hue that instantly draws men to you, says Dr. Lombardo. Knowing that the smokeshow at the bar is captivated by your hotness makes you act more confident, which in turn keeps him more entranced.

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7. Hold the door for someone, leave a massive tip at brunch, or buy the guy behind you in line a latte. "When we do something nice, it's one of the rare moments that we really talk ourselves up, which is an instant boost for your ego," says Dr. Lombardo.

8. Nod your head. Sounds silly, but a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychlogy found that nodding up and down as you speak (like when you're telling your boss "I really deserve this raise") makes you appear bolder and gutsier. Translation: no shaky, nervous voice.

9. Have sex. We swear, there is evidence to back this one up. When your stress level is high, your self-esteem begins to crack. An orgasm reduces stress, and that gets your confidence back where it belongs, says Dr. Lombardo. If your guy isn't available, do it solo.

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10. Set a mini goal. We're not talking about running a marathon or writing a novel-your goal can be as simple as finally printing out the 100+ photos you're hoarding online or cooking a real dinner one night a week. Having a goal-and nailing it!-scores you Beyoncé-level ballsiness.

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