10 Healthy Ways to Jazz Up Your Yogurt

I'm all about the Greek yogurt these days, but it can get monotonous if your morning yogurt routine doesn't budge from the usual accoutrements. I've got some Summer-friendly ways to top off, blend up, or freeze your creamy goodness, transforming it into a whole new healthy treat!

  • Blueberries - So simple and yet so delectable, toss some fresh blueberries in your yogurt for a fiber- and probiotic-packed one-two punch.
  • Almonds - Have you tried almonds in your yogurt smoothies? Give this almond berry banana smoothie a shot, and you may be surprised how delicious it is!
  • Oats - If you typically top your yogurt with granola, why not switch it up with rolled oats? It'll cut down on the sugar and fat without cutting down on the texture.
  • Fro-Yo - Who knew healthy, homemade blueberry frozen yogurt could be this easy?
  • Strawberries and Walnuts - Utilizing another juicy in-season fruit is this strawberry and walnut yogurt concoction.
  • Apples - Whether you go the honey and vanilla route or simply cinnamon, apples and yogurt are a match made in health heaven.
  • Chocolate Soy Milk - Making this chocolate strawberry banana smoothie will satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding the waistline.
  • Almond Milk - I've been dying to try this recipe for vegan overnight oats. It may not look pretty, but the ingredients are drool-worthy. A fab vegan alternative to yogurt with oats!
  • Extra Protein - You'll go "nuts" for this protein-filled, fruity trifle.
  • Cantaloupe - Not only is this yogurt-filled cantaloupe a beautiful and yummy breakfast, but there's also no bowl to clean afterward!
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