The 10 Most Allergy-Inducing Places to Live (and 4 Cool Apps that Will Ease Your Sneezes)

by Lexi Petronis

Bill DiodatoBill DiodatoHalf of the people I know are wheezing, sneezing messes lately, thanks to all the pollen-y stuff floating around in the air. And I don't even live in one of the country's top 10 allergy-inducing places, according to ZocDoc (which determined these based on the number of scheduled doctors' appointments for allergies)--is yours on the list?

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1. Portland, Ore.
2. Austin
3. Philadelphia
4. Los Angeles
5. Orange County, Calif.
6. Long Island, N.Y.
7. Phoenix
8. Washington, D.C.
9. San Antonio
10. New York City

How are you doing with allergies this season? While there's nothing to magically pull the pollen out of the air and ease your symptoms--yet!--there are at least a few good tools that can help you out...right from your phone:

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ZocDoc: When the wheezing or coughing gets out of control, you can find an allergist near you and instantly book an appointment online.

RxmindMe Prescription: If you've got allergy meds but occasionally forget to take them (and suffer the sneezy consequences), this prescription reminder will alert you when it's time to pop another pill.

Zyrtec AllergyCast: This app keeps you updated on pollen and weather forecasts--every hour--so you can prepare for what's ahead and better manage your symptoms. Allergy Alert: This'll keep you well informed, with handy index levels for four different conditions: Allergy (Pollen), Asthma, Cold and Cough, and Ultraviolet Sensitivity.

Are you dealing with allergies? Do you live in a particularly allergy-filled locale?

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