The 10 Most Popular Healthy Recipes of 2012

By Samantha Bandasack for

The end of the year is just a week away, and like everyone else it has us reflecting on the past 12 months. We already figured out the 25 Most Popular Diets of 2012, and all that hard work left us hungry. So we obviously had to find the best recipes of 2012.The most popular recipe of the year were these little BBQ Pork Sliders!

This was a big year for food at DietsInReview, as we made it a focus to deliver even more new, original recipes to you than ever before. Our greatest culinary creations were shared this year, and many made this list.

The top 10 recipes from our site this year are classic American dishes with healthier twists like meatloaf, chili, BBQ, and brownies. Based on traffic trends, our readers declared these recipes as their favorite eats in 2012.

BBQ Pork Sliders If you love pork, then you'll love these tiny pulled pork sandwiches. Prepare the dish for a party appetizer, family picnic, or tailgating. It's perfect cold-weather food as the lean protein is satisfying while the oven keeps everyone warm.

Sacred Heart Diet Soup This recipe comes from the popular Sacred Heart Diet, which is a week long diet that may help dieters lose 10 or more pounds. While the diet certainly works where scale weight is concerned, you'll gain it back quickly without sustainable habit changes. As a stand-alone veggie soup, it's pretty good for you!

Jillian Michaels Cranberry Drink Looking for a way to stay hydrated without consuming loads of sugar? This drink was created by the Biggest Loser trainer herself to help others stay hydrated as well as naturally cleanse and detox the body thanks to dandelion tea, lemon juice, water and sugar-free cranberry juice.

Barack Obama Chili
Right before this year's epic presidential election, we shared the president's personal chili recipe. The recipe is an American classic and will surely be a favorite of yours with hearty beef or turkey, beans, and plenty of spices. Plus, it is satisfying to know that you can enjoy a bowl of chili without hurting your waistline.

Maple Syrup Diet Hollywood made the Maple Syrup Diet popular with star followers like Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce. Users drink the Maple Syrup Diet concoction to detox their body before a big movie role or an important star-studded event; others use it for a quick slimming detox. The Maple Syrup Diet even made it on the Top 25 Diet list this year! So what exactly is in the Maple Syrup Diet? It's just lemon juice, cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup.
This whole wheat chicken pot pie recipe is less than 400 calories!
Whole Wheat Chicken Pot Pie
Comfort food tends to be unhealthy, but our version of the all-American chicken pot pie is healthy and delicious! Our recipe is made completely from scratch, but still simple to throw together. We use whole wheat pastry flour for a flakier crust, tender chicken, season with garlic and time, and fill with carrots, celery, and peas.

Tara's Mini Turkey Meatloaf Biggest Loser all-star Tara Costa created these tiny entrees and they've been one of the most popular recipes on the site since she famously pushed a car. The recipe makes nine mini turkey loafs. Plus, a serving of the turkey loaf is only 110 calories with 16 grams of protein.

Rocco's Brownies The brownie recipe from Chef Rocco's Now Eat This! is unlike any you've ever seen. The brownies are made with black beans, which add fiber and protein to the American classic. The best part is you can enjoy this treat without feeling guilty!

Healthy Tuna Salad Tuna Salad is usually lathered in mayonnaise, but our Healthy Tuna Salad recipe from dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield uses a light amount of mayo! Instead, Greek yogurt is the secret ingredient that makes this tuna salad even healthier and tangier!

Eva Longoria Tortilla Soup Beautiful and she can cook? That's just not fair! This savory soup recipe comes from Longeria's cookbook Eva's Kitchen, which shares many of her favorite homemade dishes. This tortilla soup is hearty and healthy, which will satisfy anyone's belly, and worth the time commitment to prepare.