10 Reasons It's Great to Be a Sports Fan

by Charlotte Andersen for SHAPE.com

Why it's great to be a sports fan!Why it's great to be a sports fan!From mental to physical to emotional, research shows that being a crazy sports nut makes you anything but crazy--so go ahead, get a little loud. It's good for you!

What's your favorite reason to be a sports nut? Here, Facebook fans and readers share theirs:

1. You have a reason to scream: "It is pure escape-it provides me something to just plain enjoy or get mad at, it connects me to my friends, my neighbors, and to random strangers who feel the same pull and passion of the game." -Becky Simon-Burton

2. They brings drama (in a good way): "In sports, like in life, the worst team can beat the best. There are often remarkable shows of humor, caring, sportsmanship, love. Every human story is played out on a sports field!"-Deb Roby

3. It proves age is just a number: "I usually cheer for whoever the oldest player is on the team or event because they keep me going!" -Candas Jones

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4. It's fitness motivation:
I am always so motivated after watching some good sports competition. My favorites are football (Go Pack Go) and tennis. Nothing beats watching a good Roger Federer match!"
-Carrie Sazama

5. Fantasy football:
"I love watching football, but fantasy football has taken it to a whole new level. It makes every game important and you have a stake in what happens on the field (especially if you're playing in a money league). It totally consumes me for the entire NFL season. And I'm not the only one. There are websites, podcasts, ESPN shows, etc completely devoted to fantasy football. Can't wait for the season to begin!" -Jenni Humphreys

6. Sports betting:
Last year alone people spent more than $2 billion on sports wagers. Who doesn't love an office pool?

7. It's an excuse to eat wings and dip: "My mom makes the best (no really, the BEST) seven-layer bean dip, but she only makes it for our annual Super Bowl party. Her secret ingredient is homemade guacamole from fresh avocados, which makes it totally healthy, right?" -Amanda Isaacs

8. Family bonding: "I'm from Western PA and a lifelong Steelers fan. The best part for me is sharing a bond with my family, including my grandfather. He was the biggest Steelers fan and passed away a few years ago, yet when I watch a game and cheer for them, I always feel close to him. It's something we will always have. I have also spent a lot of time in New Orleans and was there when the Saints won the Superbowl, which was so important and uniting to the city post-Katrina." -Erica Smith

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9. Community pride: "My favorite team is the Steelers! Seven Superbowl Rings and the best fans ever! And the only team without cheerleaders, they say because the fans are so super we don't need them. I love football season in Pittsburgh because the city comes alive and everyone seems to unite a little bit more. We love our Black and Gold." -Jennifer Bondi

10. It's a conversation starter:
"I have loved baseball since I was 11 and been a fan of football since I was in high school. Like some people rehashing trash TV the next day, I can talk with another sports fan anywhere in the world. And have." -Deb Roby

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