10 super simple things to pack in your work lunch bag

Man, I hate to pack my lunch for work, but I know that taking my lunch can save me about a $1,000 dollars a year and also, is about ten million times healthier than resorting to Fast Food Row. But you can only do the PB&J so many times before you start to resent it, you know? Here are ten inspirations for your Bento box.

  • Pair some Mexican bean salad with a whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with a little colby/jack and you're going to be satisfied until dinner time, without that mid-afternoon insulin slump.
  • Whip up some sun-dried tomato pesto in about three seconds with a food processer and then assemble at work with sprouts and fun bread, or use as a dip for more veggies.
  • Got frozen pre-cooked shrimp in the freezer? It will take about two minutes, tops, to throw them into a little container, pair with another container with your dipper of choice (cocktail sauce, wasabi, soy sauce, or lemon wedges), some fresh strawberries, a chunk of dark decadent chocolate, some raw asparagus that you can steam in the microwave and some sparkling spring water. If you're feeling motivated, once at work, you can nuke the chocolate and dip the strawberries into it, but I'm warning you right now, your coworkers will start referring to you as "The Princess."

How about you? What are your lunch packing tips of brilliance? What are you eating for lunch today?

The comments want to trade their squished PB&J for whatever it is you're eating. No tradebacks.

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