10 Things Not to Do on Spring Break

Don't get caught doing these things on your vacay.Don't get caught doing these things on your vacay.With all the sunshine and tequila shots, it's easy for your good judgment to stay packed in your suitcase. Here, Cosmo's list of things not to do.

By Katy Lindenmuth

1. Believe the handwritten signs plastered everywhere that read: "THIS CITY HAS JUST PASSED A LAW DECLARING ALL BEACHES AND POOL MANDATORILY TOPLESS."

2. The boardwalk of shame.

3. Pick up crabs - and we don't mean the kind that walk sideways on the beach.

4. Pole-dance with a tiki torch and no underwear - has Lindsay taught you nothing?

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5. Put your signature on anything official-looking. This includes a marriage license, any kind of reality-show release form, or the signup sheet for the Skankiest Wet T-Shirt Ho of Spring Break 2013 Competition.

6. Update Twitter every time you take a shot of tequila - by the end of the night, you'll be left with a ton of confused followers and a sticky keypad. Also, drunk.

7. Be frustrated that you don't look like a Victoria's Secret Angel in your bikini. Those girls are heaven-sent genetic freaks.

8. Reenact pretty much anything that happens in Spring Breakers, including but not limited to robbing a chicken shack, spending a night in jail, or hooking up with James Franco.

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9. Your thesis.

10. Let anyone talk you into activities involving water, white T-shirts, and no support.

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