10 Ways to Make the Cool Season Cozier

Warm up with these ideas for making the cooler months even more comfy-cozy, from your home to your travel destinations.

Literally turn up the heatLiterally turn up the heat
Light a fire
Of course, one sure way to make a room feel cozy is to literally turn up the heat. Something about a fire crackling signals it's time to settle in for a while. If you don't have a fireplace, group candles in several places in a room and light them for a similar glow.

Guests feel instantly welcomeGuests feel instantly welcome
Mull wine
Fill your home with the heady aroma of Zinfandel and pomegranate juice warming with spices. When guests walk in the door, they'll feel instantly welcome.

Recipe: Mulled Pomegranate Red Wine Punch

Break out the dutch ovenBreak out the dutch oven
Braise meat
Break out the dutch oven and get ready to slowly simmer an inexpensive cut of meat until a fork slides right in.

Richly saturated harvest huesRichly saturated harvest hues
Arrange some amaranth

Amaranth's velvety flowers come in richly saturated harvest hues, and they hold their colors and shapes even when dry. Snag some from your garden, florist, or local farmers' market to add a dash of passion to a seasonal bouquet.

Lots of coziness to savorLots of coziness to savor
Snuggle up amid the snow

Two-story cabins with stone fireplaces, hazelnut risotto, a fire-side pool game--there's lots of coziness to savor at the Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, B.C. Tucked onto a 13-acre peninsula jutting out into its eponymous lake, the lodge is refreshingly wifi-and-TV-free, leaving you lots of time to soak in the Candian Rockies after a day of playing (or skiing) in the deep, soft snow.

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A burst of warmthA burst of warmth
Plant a pot of gold

Orange-striped blades of grass, apricot-tinged leaves with purple undersides, and matching gold containers add a burst of warmth to an entryway, garden, or an indoor living space.

The ultimate wintertime lookThe ultimate wintertime look
Add white lights

For a soft glow at night, wrap tree trunks and branches with strands of white lights. It's the ultimate wintertime look that transcends holiday hues.

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The hub of any outdoor gatheringThe hub of any outdoor gathering
Warm up at your own backyard campfire

A built-in firepit is the hub of any outdoor gathering, and it can also set the mood for a romantic evening in your yard.

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Trade the winter for a winter vacationTrade the winter for a winter vacation
Plot your escape

The best way to stay cozy this winter? Trade the winter wonderland for a warming winter vacation, like, say, kicking back in an ocean-front hammock in Mexico, or soaking up the iron-red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.

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Add your own nut liqueursAdd your own nut liqueurs
Heat up your nightcap

The perfect ending to a dinner party? Brew some dark hot chocolate and serve it on a tray with add-your-own nut liqueurs and gourmet marshmallows. Our favorite combo: E. Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate ($9) with Nocino della Cristina walnut liqueur (about $30).
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