10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy During Pregnancy

10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy During Pregnancy10 Ways to Keep Your Feet Happy During PregnancyPregnant women today are busy ladies. Whether you're bouncing between work and home, or juggling the household and family duties - or both! - you are always on the go-go-go. And with the countless things we're told to pay attention to during our pregnancies, our feet often end up being the last on our list of priorities. Naturally, we're going to worry more about the health of the little one growing inside than we are our toes. But our feet take a beating during the nine months of pregnancy. With just a little attention, we can have happier feet. After all, they are supporting some precious cargo.
Check out 10 tips to keep your feet comfortable during pregnancy.

Put Your Feet UpPut Your Feet Up1. Put Your Feet Up
One of the best - and most obvious - ways to reduce swelling in your feet is to put them up. Elevating your feet increases blood flow, improving circulation and reducing swelling. So, take the time to sit back and relax. Your feet will thank you!

Ice Your FeetIce Your Feet2. Ice Your Feet
Icing your tootsies will not only reduce swelling, but it will also relieve discomfort. Try putting an ice pack on your feet while they are elevated to get more out of your foot-timeout.

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SwimSwim3. Swim
Swimming is a great low-impact activity that increases blood flow with pounding on your feet. Walking is another great way to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Wear Orthotic InsertsWear Orthotic Inserts4. Wear Orthotic Inserts
Many pregnant women suffer from over-pronation, or the flattening of the arch of the foot, which often causes pain in the foot, heel, and arch. Wearing either ready-made orthotic inserts or having a pair professionally made can provide your feet with the support they need.

And Compression StockingsAnd Compression Stockings5. And Compression Stockings
These are not the same as support pantyhose. Compression stockings, or medical-support hose, promote circulation and help veins properly do their job. And they are surprisingly not as hideous-looking as they sound.

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Wear Seamless SocksWear Seamless Socks6. Wear Seamless Socks
Seamless socks don't constrict your blood flow, so they allow your blood to circulate more freely and reduce the likelihood of swelling and discomfort.

Soak Your Tired ToesSoak Your Tired Toes7. Soak Your Tired Toes
Foot soaks help pregnant women manage swelling and reduce tension in the feet. Epsom-salt foot soaks are especially useful for pregnant women.

Use a Foot Stool When SittingUse a Foot Stool When Sitting8. Use a Foot Stool When Sitting
If you're like me and have to sit for long periods of time, try using a foot stool to elevate your feet. This will help with swelling.

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Stay Hydrated With WaterStay Hydrated With Water9. Stay Hydrated With Water
Drinking plenty of water helps ensure that you stay hydrated and retain less water, which means less swelling. And less swelling means a happier you!

Get a Foot MassageGet a Foot Massage10. Get a Foot Massage
OK, so this one carries a bit of controversy with it. Some people claim that certain pressure points in your foot are associated with inducing labor. But others don't buy this idea at all. A foot massage will most certainly relieve pressure and get your blood flowing - but check with your doctor if you're not sure whether a foot massage is a good idea for you.

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