10 New Year's Resolutions that Don't Suck

If you're going to make new year resolutions, choose one of these!If you're going to make new year resolutions, choose one of these!New Year's resolutions are the height of negative self-talk. Lose weight! Work harder! Quit smoking! (Well, that's a pretty good one, actually.) You spend the last week of the year reflecting on what you want to fix about yourself, then the first week of January feeling bad about it all over again. That's no way to live, so we came up with some positive resolutions to set for 2013.

By Emma Barker

1. Eat More Fruits and Veggies
You'll probably fail if you command yourself to go on a strict diet, but if the goal is to grab a banana at breakfast or a salad for lunch, no problem.

2. Choose to Be Happy
We've all fallen into a grumpy rut. Sometimes it's easier to be a real B, but this year make the choice to be happy daily.

3. Volunteer Once a Month
This one's in every "Chicken Soup for the [fill in the blank] Soul" book for a reason.

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4. Express More Gratitude
Saying "Thanks" goes a long way with strangers and an even longer way with your best gal pal. You probably forget to say it to the people you love most.

5. Find a Type of Exercise You Actually Like
That's the whole resolution! If you try to make yourself run every day, but you hate running, you'll never do it. Spend a few months trying out different fitness classes (yoga, ballet, SoulCycle) and sports (join pick-up soccer game and see if you like it.) Once you find something you like it won't be such a chore.

6. Read for Pleasure
We read a ton of stuff we don't care about. This year, pick up some fiction and get ensconced in some cool adventure (even if it's with Christian Grey!)

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7. Talk to People
With texting and Facebook and email it's crazy how long we can go without actual human interaction these days.

8. Forgive a Grudge
It's way more stressful to maintain a grudge than to let it go. You don't have to befriend the Very Bad Person in question, just stop being so mad at them.

9. Ask for a Raise
This has proven extremely difficult for women, and might be part of why there's a such a big wage gap between the sexes. This year, stand up for yourself and your skills. You're not going to get fired just for asking.

10. Start Saving
Instead of setting big travel goals that aren't financially viable or big financial goals that would make a CPA cringe ("I'm going to pay off my student loans in one big chunk!") start small. Save up for an end-of-year trip, or up your monthly debt payments little by little.

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