11 Easy Habits You Should Start

The lazy girl's guide to life...The lazy girl's guide to life...Consider this the Lazy Chick's Guide to being hotter, healthier, and happier than ever.

By Anna Davies

1. Stock your pantry with colorful plates.
Sounds crazy, but research from Cornell University found that people who contrast the color of their food with their plate (think pasta with red tomato sauce on a green dish) actually eat less.

2. Ask your boss about her cat.
Or her kid, or her recent vacation. Even if you don't love her, it pays big time to be nice. A study found that sucking up to the boss is key for climbing up the ladder. As if you didn't already know that.

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3. Plan your outfit the night before.
You don't have to lay it out, but just knowing you're going to wear your plaid dress with your lace cardi will make the morning so much less stressful.

4. Get a workout buddy.
Even if you don't go to the gym together-coordinating can make things even more complicated-e-mailing your workout plans to each other will hold you accountable.

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5. While you're at it, down coffee pre-workout.
Research has found that the caffeine makes it take longer for you to get exhausted when exercising.

6. Buy a plant.
Research shows that looking at green, nature-y stuff during the day boosts your mood.

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7. Kiss your guy every A.M.
And go big. Instead of a peck on the lips, try a mini-makeout that'll put you in a good mood all morning.

8. Cut carbs ... two days a week.
Call it the two-day diet, but researchers have found that people who limit carbs on just two days a week lose more weight than those who restrict them every day.

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9. Make a fun-friend ritual around the stuff you already do.
Just have a standing invite: Everyone who's available comes to your house to watch Revenge (or whatever).

10. Take a walk to grab a snack.
When the midday munchies hit, resist the urge to hit the vending machines and head somewhere farther away. Research has found that taking a 15-minute walk can cut cravings for sweet stuff by 50%. Oh, and bring along a coworker, since workplace friendships are key in making the workday go by more quickly.

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11. Wear red on dates.
Studies have found this shade boosts your sex appeal, so why not invest in a little red dress?

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