11 Proven Ways to Cure a Hangover

This will cure that hangover of yours.This will cure that hangover of yours.The best way to avoid a hangover, of course, is to avoid drinking so much you end up sick. (It's really not a good look, gals.) But, we get it: With all the holiday parties going on, you might feel a little, uh, under the weather at some point. Read on for 11 hangover cures, including the slimy prairie oyster.

By Michelle Ruiz

1. Drink Water
An evil hangover is all about dehydration. So gulp plenty of water post-party and the morning-after to rehydrate. Better yet, prevent a hangover altogether by drinking a water for every cocktail you sip!

2. Chow Down
Pizza, egg sandwiches-hangovers often lead to fast food feasts. But docs at the Mayo Clinic say bland snacks like toast, and crackers are best for boosting blood sugar and settling an upset stomach

3. Globe Artichoke
Holistic health says that these delicious, yet tough-to-crack, veggies contain substances that can reduce bloating and nausea, two common symptoms of hangovers. According to Sarah Brewer, MD, they can also help protect liver cells from booze. Does spinach artichoke dip count?

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4. Coconut Water
Trendy coconut water is a sort of natural Gatorade. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says coconut water has the same five electrolytes found in our blood, which will help you rehydrate post-partying.

5. Amazing Eggs
James Bond's preferred hangover method was the prairie oyster-a raw egg, some Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, and pepper in a glass. But since raw eggs are scary, reach for cooked ones-they're packed with cysteine, an amino acid vital to detoxing, even if scientists remain dubious.

6. Vitamins
They're not a cure-all, but a University of California study found that B-Complex vitamins can help hangovers by restoring energy to your aching body.

7. Lemon Pits
Literally-lemon pits. Some revelers in Puerto Rico swear by rubbing a slice of lemon (or lime) in your armpit before drinking, or afterwards to fight hangover dehydration. We doubt this really works, but, bonus: natural lemony deodorant?

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8. Milk Thistle
Always consult a doc before taking any sort of supplement, but this liquid herbal extract is said to work as a "liver tonic." And we all know excessive drinking = bad for your liver.

9. Evening Primrose Oil
It sounds like a luxurious bath product, but this oil from the flowery primrose plant is an age-old alleged hangover cure, as it can help cut down on stomach discomfort and help along liver function. But take it with a grain of salt, as study results are mixed.

10. Sweat
You're not actually sweating out that tequila when you hit the gym the morning after your holiday party. But exercise can help in the way of endorphins!

11. Sleep
Time heals all wounds, including hangovers. Docs at the Mayo Clinic say the best remedy is to go back to sleep and hope your hangover is gone by the time you wake up!

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