2 Easy Full-Body Exercises You Should Do At Home

Cat Chiarella, star of ExerciseTV's Sexy Series fitness videos, shares easy moves that'll keep all your hottest parts looking fine. Plus: Read the best weight-loss tips we've ever heard of.

1) Score a Firm, Perky Chest

The Move: Get into a plank position - lay on your stomach, then elevate your body using your forearms and toes. Pull your right knee to your chest, then extend your leg back into the plank position and bring your left leg to your chest and back. Do this sequence - alternating between the left and right leg - 8 times. Rest and do it again.

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The Sexy Pay-Off: Doing this move actually tones your whole body, but really works your chest - making it tight and firm - because keeping yourself braced on your forearms keeps your chest muscles tight as you bring up each leg. Cat insists this one shows almost instant results, so do these when you want to wear a cute low-cut top out that night.

2) A Move That Tones Everything

The Move: Get on your hands and knees, sitting back so your butt rests on your feet. Start lowering your head, scooping your back (think of a cat stretching), letting your butt lift off your feet. Then pull forward so that your back is straight with a slight arch. Pull back to your knees and do it all over again. Repeat 16 times.

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The Sexy Pay-Off: Here, you're working your arms, chest, core, butt, and legs. In other words, it tightens your entire body! Plus, with your butt in the air, you just look damn sexy doing it. Want to know why even the tiniest-on-top A-listers always have a perfectly propped-up pair? They live by these tips!

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