29 Ways to Get Things Done Faster

By Woman's Day Staff

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Be a Super Timesaver

From doing house chores to shining at work, knowing how to save time does wonders for your stress levels-and can even save you money. Find out the best ways to get more out of your day while enjoying life-from morning to night-with these great tips from Woman's Day's past 75 years. Photo credit: Thinkstock

Make the morning a breeze

1 | Start the day right. When the alarm goes off, take a moment before you jump out of bed to close your eyes and picture yourself calmly going through your day. February 2006 Photo credit: iStock
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2 | Skip washing your hair if you did it yesterday. You don't actually need to wash it every day. August 1961

3 | Plan out more than your clothes the night before. Decide on shoes and jewelry, too. February 2006

4 | Rise and shine a half-hour earlier than the rest of the family. You'll feel less frazzled. October 1982

5 | Limit yourself to five weekday makeup products-three is even better (mascara, concealer, lipstick). September 2011

6 | Stagger wake-up times if there is only one bathroom. October 1982

7 | Designate a single convenient location for "out-the-door" essentials, such as your purse, school bags and keys. September 2001

Zip through chores

8 | Slip old socks onto your hands for an inexpensive and fast way to dust. It's an especially great way to clean venetian blinds. May 1943 Photo credit: Thinkstock

9 | Set a time limit and use a timer to finish a task. You'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish when you're racing the clock. September 2003

10 | Shop when stores are at their emptiest-early morning or late evening. The weekends are the worst time. August 1977

11 | Color-code each person's bedsheets for instant recognition. October 1982

12 | When taking wet clothes out of the washing machine, give them a shake before putting them in the dryer. They'll dry faster and with fewer wrinkles. June 2003

13 | A home that smells fresh looks cleaner automatically. Is the kitchen reeking of fish or is the laundry room musty? Set out a bowl of white vinegar to soak up odors. November 2007

14 | Instead of lugging out the vacuum, pick up pet hair on upholstered furniture by running a damp sponge over its surface. September 1998

15 | When mopping the floor, place the bucket of water on an old piece of fabric and slide it along as you work. This saves lifting and never marks the floor. September 1956

Succeed at work

16 | Plan to tackle your most difficult problems at your peak time of day when you're fresh and alert. January 1982 Photo credit: iStock
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17 | When you're under deadline pressure, close your email program and turn off the ringer on your phone. February 2006

Conquer the dinner rush hour

18 | Keep tortillas in the fridge. Practically everything you make with them is fast: quesadillas, burritos, wraps. October 1998 Photo credit: iStock

19 | Save time defrosting ground beef by dividing it into 1-lb patties and freezing flat. April 1968

20 | Cooking pasta? Choose angel hair. It's the fastest noodle to cook. May 1986

21 | For quick cleanup, use fewer dishes when you cook. Mix the salad dressing in the same bowl you'll use for the salad. Grate cheese directly onto food. September 2000

22 | A chilled onion is easier to slice and chop-and causes no tears. February 1982

23 | The skins will practically slip off garlic if you plunge the head in boiling water first, then soak it in cold water. October 1949

24 | Make a marinated vegetable salad ahead of time and serve it straight from the fridge. June 1986

25 | Number the lids and bottoms of plastic containers with a permanent marker. They'll be easy to match, so putting away leftovers is a snap. September 2005

Wind down at night

26 | Establish a routine to signal your mind and body that it's time to rest. Try a cup of chamomile tea or a warm bath scented with lavender. February 2006 Photo credit: Thinkstock
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27 | If you exercise in the evening, do it at least 3 hours before going to bed. Your raised body temperature needs time to return to normal so you're not too revved up to fall asleep. September 1994

28 | Dim the lights about an hour before bedtime. It will prepare your body for sleep. April 2005

29 | Make your to-do list before bed. Getting it on paper helps you relax and avoid waking up 2 hours later because you're worried you forgot something. February 2006

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