3 High-Tech Tools that Will Change Your Workouts

By Bari Lieberman, SELF magazine

If you're looking for something that will take your workout to the next level but don't want to camp out days before its launch, SELF has you covered. Let's meet the latest in workout tech support:

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Up by Jawbone
If you've read SELF's November issue, then you've already heard about the latest from mobile lifestyle purveyor Jawbone. Up is a sleek wristband ($99, available soon on Jawbone.com) which features sensors that monitor calories burned and sleep patterns. (It should be no surprise that sleep plays an important factor in your slim-down plan.) The device syncs with an app that crunches the numbers for you (it also includes a food diary) and it'll send you personalized tips to help maximize your goal.

Released in late-October, the Striiv device is like a portable fitness gaming device. The pedometer-style gadget ($99 available on Stiiv.com or HSN) features walking-based games--win challenges by adding more activity to go to the next level! And every step counts towards a charitable donation (at no cost to you)! Striiv has partnered with GlobalGiving to donate clean water to children in South America or polio vaccines to a child in India, with new partners added in the future. Use that as motivation to take the stairs at work, walk an extra lap that isn't motivation to take the stairs at work. My big question was whether the fitness device only calculates walking, but they say their TruMotion technology can sense if you are walking, running, climbing stairs or hiking. You can start working towards donations right away-there's no set-up (whew)!

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MOTOACTV by Motorola

If your workout style is more plan ahead than spontaneous activity, you'll love this new high-tech portable device from Motorola designed especially for the on-the-go fitness warrior ($249.99, available on Motorola.com) that can be worn as a wristband, clipped to your shirt or strapped around you arm. The almost indestructible gadget is especially good for hardcore workouts (it claims to be sweat-proof, rain-resistant and features a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display.) It works like most other activity trackers by measuring calories burned, miles covered, speed and heart rate. Upload your stats to MOTOACTV.com and see your performance breakdown with easy-to-understand tools and charts. But what really caught my eye is how the device's tracking syncs with your music-it will find which songs you perform best to so you can create a completely customized, super motivating playlist.

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