3 Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthier Without Really Trying

by Lexi Petronis

CN Digital StudioIt's National Nutrition Month, and while there are lots of things to say about it--like underscoring the importance of knowing enough about food to make good choices (which we'll get to!)--today, let's talk about a few ways that you can sneak in some extra vitamins and nutrients...without even knowing you're doing it!

Well--OK, obviously, you'll know you're doing it, because you'll have made the decision to put the extra nutrients in there. You're not a 6-year-old. But these ways are so sneaky, you'll barely even taste them.

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1) Make cauliflower rice: This is the coolest! You can shred cauliflower into itty-bitty rice-sized nuggets--and use them in place of actual rice. Cauliflower has great vitamins in it (like vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant), and lots of fiber--plus, it's low in calories (so you can eat more stir fry!).

How to be sneaky: Take a head of cauliflower and remove the green parts. Slice into equal-sized florets, and throw into the food processor in batches until all cauliflower parts are small and teensy. Put a tiny bit of olive oil into a pan, then cook the cauliflower bits until they look dry, like rice!

2) Chia seeds: These little super-seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber--and some people even say that, because they expand in your stomach, they help keep you feeling fuller, longer.

How to be sneaky: sprinkle them in your morning cereal, or on top of your Greek yogurt (best if the yogurt already has some fruit in or on it--the seeds lend a bit of a crunch!). They're also perfect all whipped up into a tasty smoothie.

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3) Puree veggies and put them in all of your recipes: OK, that thing I just said about you not being six years old? You're still not. But this is absolutely a trick that parents use to get more veggies into their kids!

How to be sneaky: Mash beets or carrots and mix them into spaghetti or pizza sauce; add mushed-up butternut squash to macaroni and cheese; shred zucchini and squash and throw into just about anything (both are very mild in flavor, so they'll blend well!).

How do you sneak in extra nutrients? (Ooh, another easy idea: our dear friend, the green juice!)

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