3 Tips to Buying a Home Treadmill

Keep this list handy when buying a treadmill.Keep this list handy when buying a treadmill.By the editors of FITNESS Magazine

In a recent FitnessMagazine.com poll, 31 percent of respondents said that if given the choice of any machine, they would add a treadmill to their home gym. But how do you pick one? Here's what Fred Waters, who runs Treadmill-Ratings-Reviews.com, looks for:

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1. A powerful motor. It should have at least 2.5 continuous-duty horsepower.

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2. Ample room to walk or run.
Lengths can vary hugely. If someone six-foot-two or taller is going to run on your machine, it should be at least 58 inches long. Otherwise, 54 inches is fine.

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3. A mid-range price tag.
While cheaper models are tempting, you often get what you pay for. Plan on spending between $1,000 and $1,300 with an extended warranty. Check out bizrate.com and shopping.com for brand reviews.

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