3 Unisex Ear Warmers for Outdoor Winter Workouts

By: StacyAtZeel

We know that it can be tough to exercise outdoors once November comes around. But hear us out: Ear warmers can make a world of difference.
Snowmen don't have ears for a reason. Too cold even for them!Snowmen don't have ears for a reason. Too cold even for them!
When working out in cold conditions (anything below 45 degrees tends to make me shiver), blood flow moves away from your extremities-your fingers, feet and ears-to heat your body's core. Protect your ears from the nippy air this winter with these three great ear warmers, suited for both ladies and gents.

Cozy and Snug: Smartwool

Worn by yours truly, the double layer headband ($18) from the king of comfort known as Smartwool is as warm as it is fashionable. The plush cloth is made from an interlocking weave that proves perfect for high aerobic activities performed in cool to absolutely freezing weather. (Tip: If my ears warm up quickly, I find that the headband is thick enough to work as a neck warmer too.)

Light and Airy: Nike

Runners love the Dri-Fit Lightweight ($15) headband from Nike for its special blend of microfibers and polyester fabric that helps sweat evaporate efficiently. The best part about it, though, is its asymmetric design that provides extra coverage for the ears as well as the back of the neck. Even better: Earbuds fit comfortably under the flaps.

Wrapped and Warm: 180s

180s are known for their fleecy, wind-resistant wrap-around ear warmers featuring thermal insulation, excellent breathability and an adjustable one-size-fits-all frame. For women or particularly daring men, we're kind of in love with this luxe, glittery sequined pair (Brilliance, $40) with a fuzzy fur lining. Or, check out these nifty (and convenient!) 180s with built-in headphones (Tec Fleece With Headphones, $35).