3 Ways to Lose Weight This Month

Samantha ClaytonSummer is officially over, which means that skinny jeans season will be here before you know it! Now THAT is reason to lose weight! But don't stress, we've got a plan for you that will whip your hips and thighs into shape while trimming down that muffin top! The best part is that you will be sweating and slimming at home for free. Yup, forget the gym, forget expensive exercise equipment, the only equipment you need is right in front of you- yes your computer. It's all happening on BeFit, Lionsgates' YouTube channel, where losing weight and getting in shape is free. So what are you in the mood for? A little dancing, cardio, or just a Quickie Workout? Here are a few suggestions:

  • 1. Interval Training

Sometimes, you just want to do a traditional workout that challenges your muscles and to the point that you will feel it in the morning (and maybe for several days). Who doesn't love that good post-workout burn?! Fat Burning Cardio Workout by BeFit in 90 burn calories and maximize weight loss with interval style moderate intensity cardio drills. Get ready to get your sweat on!

  • 2. Shed Stress and Weight

There is no reason to fret about your weight. In fact, you can actually use your workout to relieve stress and slim down simultaneously! Yoga isn't just a zen-inducing series of easy movements. It can be a no-joke workout that will tone and trim your thighs, define your stomach, sculpt your arms and shoulders, leave you seriously sore the next morning, and all the while give you peace of mind. Yoga for Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs (with Rainbeau Mars) is your new go-to to get that slim coveted "yoga body" that so many celebrities flaunt, fire up your metabolism, and chill out your mind. Talk about a multitasking workout!

  • 3. Just a Quickie

Sometimes, no matter how important your workout is, you simply don't have time to for the full 30-60 daily minutes. But no time is no excuse. You have 5 minutes. You may even have 5 minutes 5-times a day, and suddenly you have elevated your metabolism, put yourself into a fit headspace, and made healthy choices throughout the day. 5 Minute Waist Slimmer Workout with Denise Austin will tone your abs, tackle your muffin top, trim your waistline and strengthen your core in, yes, just 5 minutes a day. This is a great first a.m. workout to start your day the right way. Have more than 5 minutes? Design your own circuit workout with 5 Minute Inner Thighs, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Chest, and Hip workouts too. Finally, those last five pounds will seem to fall off… in no time (well, in 5 minutes).

… What are you waiting for? Click here to start losing weight now!