3 Yoga Moves to Get a Bikini-Ready Belly

By: Kerri Winick and Andrea Krivelow of CelebutanteSisters

With bikini season around the corner it's time to shape up and tone that midsection. YogaWorks instructor Sadie Nardini guides GT readers through three quick poses that will flatten your abs and bring out the best in your summer beach body.

Yoga targets not only your superficial abdominals, but the deeper core muscles that are often neglected in traditional abdominal
exercises. Sadie's unique poses will reach all six abdominal muscles, working to effectively transform and firm the midsection.


From Downward Dog, lift your right leg into the air. Bend the knee, and sweep it forward to your outer, upper right arm. Squeeze
and hold as you round your back, firing the inner thighs, hip flexors and front abdominals. Hold for 5 breaths, then return to Dog Pose
and switch sides.
Bonus: This is an excellent arm and shoulder sculpting pose, too!

For beginners, click here.


From Downward Dog, lift your right leg up behind you. Exhale, bend the knee and bring it into your chest as you round your back
sky-high. From your core, spin onto your outer left foot, and step your right foot halfway up the mat in front of you. Lift your right
arm to the sky and keep the hips lifting for a super side-waist sculpting pose. Hold for 5 breaths, then return to Downward Dog
and repeat on the other side. After your last Flying Buttress, come into Dog Pose.
Bonus: Play with lifting the bent leg's foot off the floor, and then ground that one, and try to lift the straight leg for an extra-credit
inner thigh workout!

For beginners, click here.


From Downward Dog, lift your right leg while you exhale and draw the knee into the chest, rounding the back and holding the hips
high. Using your core strength, step the right foot to the right thumb. Ground your back foot down, toes facing slightly forward.
Exhale, and use your belly to pull yourself upright with your palms together at your chest. Inhale, curl inside your front knee and
lengthen your chest.
Exhale, pull up over your legs, twisting towards your back leg as your arms straighten and reach back into your side bend. Repeat
this wavelike motion 5-10 times for a full all-abdominal workout in one move. After your Diving Warrior, return to Downward Dog,
then repeat on your left side.
Bonus: This pose transforms your legs, thighs and gluts along with your abs.
For beginners, click here.