3 Yoga Tips for Pregnant Women

If you haven't heard, renowned celebrity trainer Kristin McGee is expecting her first baby, and she is inviting her fans on the journey-from a fitness and nutrition perspective, of course. McGee will share tips, secrets, and the best fitness moves to do pre and post pregnancy at kristinmcgee.com.

McGee is all about about keeping fit, healthy, and feeling fabulous throughout her pregnancy and after her baby is born. "Don't be afraid to be a sexy mom," she says. "Know you can still rock cute outfits that hug your curves. Don't hide in baggy clothes."

McGee will naturally be doing a lot of pre-natal yoga. It emphasizes postures that fight common pregnancy discomforts and abdominal/pelvic floor toning exercises to enhance and ease post-natal recovery. McGee offers a few tips to all the mommy-to-be yogis:

Breath deeply. Yoga teaches us to become really aware of our breath, which is crucial for labor and pregnancy. It's also helps to stay present and in the moment.

Avoid deep twists. Only twist when the belly is exposed, never cross the mid line of your belly. So you can do a wide straddle twist but never a seated spinal twist.

Hug your baby to your belly. Don't ever think you are overly squeezing your abdominals, instead just think of bringing your baby closer to you internally when performing exercises to protect your lower back.

McGee's pre-natal yoga segment will be aired on Daytime TV Show in Tampa on Tuesday, with more to come on her Youtube channel.

Will you be following McGee's pre and post-natal yoga journey?

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