4 of the Best Thigh Workouts to Try in the New Year

FitSugarSource: 4 of the Best Thigh Workouts to Try in the New Year

Step right up (or lie down) for these simple yet challenging thigh-toning exercises. You don't need an at-home gym to sculpt your inner thighs, just a few tricks up your sleeve that will target them. Most of these exercises also work around to reach your backside, too, so they're double threats right in time to start fresh this new year! Click through to start feeling the burn.

  • Circle Round: To tone your thighs from the ground up, try this inner-thigh circle exercise. Just because it's done on the floor doesn't mean it won't enhance your leggings. Lying on your back makes your thighs work that much harder to balance in order to keep your back glued and your hips square.
  • Single-Leg Squat: Forget the old sumo squat, this thigh-sculpting single-leg squat looks much more graceful while targeting your inner thighs instead of just the booty. Keep the pie off your thighs with these simple lifts.
  • Plié Squat: For a thigh burn that falls closest to how dancers actually get those legs, do the plié squat. The setup is done in what dancers call second position, and it hardly takes up any room at all. Try it in your living room next time you have 10 minutes to spare.
  • Chair Burn: This yoga-inspired move is a true inner-thigh burn. Just like most of the poses in class, it takes power, balance, and strength to hold. Once you get it, though, you'll reap the rewards and be able to rock a mini. Get out of the chair and sit into a challenging one.

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