4 diet destroyers Dr. Oz says to avoid

As Dr. Oz kicks off his Ultimate Summer Slim-Down this week, he shares the secret diet sabotages to avoid when you are trying to lose weight. These are not your typical tips - I had not heard about any of these four diet destroyers before. Is it just me? Here they are:

Warm Colors: Warm colors like yellow and red are diet destroyers. The color blue is a natural appetite suppressant, and people eat 30 percent less in a blue room. Time to paint?

Transparent Bowls: In a study from the International Journal of Obesity, women eat 71 percent more out of transparent containers because they are constantly tempted. Choose ceramic over glass serving dishes.

Floral Centerpieces
: The Smell & Taste Foundation in Chicago found that smelling fruit will cause you to eat less, so use a fruit centerpiece instead of flowers.

Dim Light: People tend to eat more if they can't see their food well, so brighten up the kitchen or dining room, okay?

I am going to try all of these changes except for painting my walls blue.

Had you heard any of them before?

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[Photo Credit: doctoroz.com]