4 Foods that Help You Eat Less

Portion control is everything. These foods make you feel full faster so you eat less (and lose weight!). By Anne Roderique-Jones, REDBOOK.

Miso soup
The delicious soybean paste used in miso soup is a complete protein, which means it helps to slow digestion and control hunger, says registered dietitian Jen Brewer. Research has also found that people who eat soup before a meal tend to consume less of the entrée. A broth-based bowl like miso is your ideal bet, filling you up for less than 50 calories per cup.

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Don't save them for weekends only--one study found that morning egg eaters gobbled down 330 fewer calories throughout the day than those who ate a carb-loaded meal (like a bagel). In this case, it's the seven grams of protein per egg that wards off hunger pangs later.

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When it comes to eating pumpkin, many of us don't think beyond Thanksgiving pie. But we're missing out: One cup of pumpkin provides a whopping seven grams of fiber, the magic nutrient that helps you feel full. (That's even more than a cup of oatmeal, which has four grams.) Use the canned puree in muffins, or chop up some pumpkin and roast it for a yummy side.

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Dark chocolate

Finally, a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and curb cravings. A University of Copenhagen study found that nibbling a little bit of dark chocolate helped people eat 15 percent less at their next meal. Milk chocolate didn't have the same effect, because it's not as satiating as the dark stuff, the researchers explain. That said, keep it to an ounce (the size of business card), for calorie reasons.

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