4 Healthy Meals at Fast Food Chains (It's Not an Oxymoron, We Promise!)

Eating at fast food chains doesn't have to derail your diet.We know, trying to eat healthfully at a fast food restaurant isn't easy. But with these tasty and satisfying options, you don't have to throw the notion of eating good-for-you food out the window.

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At McDonald's:
Next time you're at the golden arches try this combo. The chicken wrap will satisfy your need for protein while the fruit and walnut salad will give you the fiber you need to power through.
Chipotle BBQ snack wrap: 250 Cal., 8g Fat (4g Sat.), 1g Fiber, 670mg Sod.
Snack-size fruit and walnuts:210 Cal., 8g Fat (2g Sat.), 2g Fiber, 60mg Sod.
TOTAL: 460 CAL, 16g Fat (6g Sat.), 3g Fiber, 730mg Sod.

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At Taco Bell:
If eating at Taco Bell would normally derail your diet, try this medley of menu options, which will round out your cravings for protein, fiber and good fats.
Fresco chicken soft taco: 150 Cal., 4g Fat (1g Sat.), 2g Fiber, 460mg Sod.
Black beans: 80 Cal., 2g Fat (0g Sat.), 5g Fiber, 200mg Sod.
Guacamole: 35 Cal., 3g Fat (0g Sat.), 1g Fiber, 105mg Sod.
TOTAL: 265 CAL, 9g Fat (1g Sat.), 8g Fiber, 765mg Sod.

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It sounds impossible not to order fried chicken when you dine with the colonel, but this selection of lean chicken and good carbs will do the trick.
Grilled chicken breast: 220 Cal., 7g Fat (2g Sat.), 0g Fiber, 730mg Sod.
Honey sauce packer: 30 Cal., 0g Fat (0g Sat.), 0g Fiber, 0mg Sod.
Corn on the cob, 5 1/2-inch piece: 140 Cal., 1g Fat (0g Sat.), 4g Fiber, 5mg Sod.
TOTAL: 390 CAL, 8g Fat (2g Sat.), 4g Fiber, 735mg Sod.

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At Subway:
Eat fresh and healthy with this chicken sub -- loaded with colorful veggies, this sandwich will keep you full and satisfied for the rest of the day, no potato chips needed.
6-inch oven roasted chicken sandwich on 9-grain wheat with Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, cucumbers and sweet onion sauce.
TOTAL: 420 CAL, 10g Fat (5g Sat.), 5g Fiber, 820mg Sod.

How do you eat healthy at your favorite fast food restaurants?