4 Lies Men Tell Themselves to Get Out of Yoga

By Jill Lawson for DietsInReview.com

Currently, women outnumber men in yoga classes. However, many people do not know that yoga used to be a discipline that only men were allowed to practice. Back in the day, men dominated the yoga scene so vehemently that if a woman wanted to practice yoga, she had to do so in private and keep it a secret.Yoga is not just for girls, and we'll tell you why more dudes should take up the practice.

So why is this different now? Today, men have a different idea about what yoga is and what it can do for them.

If you have yet to try yoga, read about the following misconceptions that are keeping too many men (and some women) out of the studio. Perhaps one rings true for you. If so, I hope you take the time to debunk your doubts and join a yoga class today.

They think it'll be impossible to do because they are inflexible.

All you have to do is look at a yoga ad of some lithe young woman in a seriously advanced yoga pose to understand this. The thought of trying to do the same thing would make anyone's hamstrings scream in fear. But the only way being inflexible will make a yoga class feel impossible is if you push yourself beyond your limits. What people need to realize it that the majority of the attendees in classes are not always as super flexible as the people in the ads and on the magazine covers. Flexibility is neither a prerequisite, nor is it the goal of yoga. Try This: Yoga for Inflexible Men

They think yoga is touchy-feely and won't challenge their strength.

Certain styles of yoga won't challenge a man's strength, that is for sure. For a man who wants to pump up his muscle prowess, classes such as Ashtanga, vinyasa, and power yoga will do the trick. Not all yoga styles are created equally. While there are some styles that could very well put you to sleep, there are others that will have your muscles crying uncle. Match your yoga style to your personality.

They think they'll have to wear tight, stretchy Lululemon yoga pants.

Please don't! Grab a pair of surf shorts, bike shorts, or even light pajama bottoms, but don't for one second think you have to wear what your wife, sister, or girlfriend wears to yoga.

They think they will feel out of place in a room full of women

Guess what? No one, except the yoga teacher, pays much attention to the people in class, at least not during the actual practice. Yoga is an activity that draws attention inward. Looking around the room is not only a serious distraction, but it makes it very hard to balance while holding the poses. You can rest assured that once the practice is underway, no other students will even know you are there.


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