4 Things Keeping You Up at Night...and How to Fix Them

Are you guilty of hitting the proverbial wall right around 2 p.m. every day, exhausted and ready to crawl under your desk? Chances are, it's your sleeping habits that are causing you to zonk out halfway through the day. Take a look at these four culprits that can be held accountable for your lack of shut eye, and what you can do to fix them.

1. Your nightly Facebook routine.

Sometimes there is no better way to relax than with a nightly Facebook session before you turn in. But be wary of your stalking, err, Facebooking routine. The brightness from your computer screen stimulates your brain, making it difficult to fall asleep after logging off. Plus, there's always the chance you'll spot some pictures of your ex-boyfriend's wedding on a mutual friend's album, and who really wants to fall asleep thinking about that? Save the surfing for lunchtime and unwind without your computer before going to bed.

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2. You count sheep.

Sorry, this just doesn't cut it, especially if you've counted enough sheep to start your own imaginary wool factory. Instead of laying in bed, the the National Sleep Foundation suggests doing something mundane, like balancing a checkbook, reading, or watching TV. Doing something that requires minimal effort will tire you (or bore you, whichever comes first) out in no time.

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3. You exercise at night.

Some people are early risers when it comes to working out, which is both admirable and annoying. If this isn't you, squeeze in a workout at night, but not too late. Intense physical activity raises your energy level (hence why those early morning runners are always so obnoxiously chipper all the time) and raises your body temperature, making it difficult to transition into sleeping mode. To avoid this, steer away from workouts three hours before you go to sleep.

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4. You cheap out on your mattress.

A Real Beauty staffer got some very wise words of wisdom once from her mother - never be cheap on what you sleep on and what you put on your feet. How right she was! Though mattresses can be a bit steep when it comes to the price tag it will be money very well spent. You sleep in your bed every night (OK, most nights), and the amount of sleep you get often determines how the rest of your day will go. This includes your pillows too! If you sleep on your back or stomach, choose a plush, softer pillow. If you're a side sleeper, opt for something a little firmer. Sweet dreams!

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