4 Ways to Get Thinner in Hours

When you're dressing up in an teeny tiny costume, you want to look damn good. Oct. 31 is just a few days away, but there's still time to banish bloat so you'll feel confident whether you're a slutty nurse or a Kardashian sister. These slenderizing effects may not be permanent, but they'll help you look hotter in your sexy Halloween costume on very short notice. Have a little more time? We have shortcuts to get you looking head-to-toe spectacular in just 48 hours.

1. Eat Salmon for Lunch

It's packed with nutrients that build muscle tone and give your skin a healthy glow. Some nutritionists claim that consuming a portion (doesn't matter how it's cooked) may immediately make your face look a bit more contoured. More: Foods That Melt Away Flab

2. Stand Up Straight

Keeping your spine rigid and your shoulders back while sucking in your belly toward your spine gives you a slimmer, more streamlined middle.

3. Do Squats and Sit-Ups

Bodybuilders use this technique before competitions because it adds definition to muscle. Do three sets of 12 of each exercise to tighten your abs, butt, and legs temporarily. Try Marisa Miller's favorite do-anywhere fitness moves.

4. Pop an Antigas Pill

Take one of these chewable tablets, sold over-the-counter at drugstores, to relieve bloating in your abdomen and break up gas bubbles in your digestive track, leaving you with a flatter tummy.

What are your "look thin quick" tips? Let us know!

Photo by Tamara Schlesinger

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