4 Ways to Lighten Yourself Up for the Rest of the Summer

Summer is about being light, boundless and free. For the rest of the summer, use the following tips to lighten up--in every way possible.

1. Lighten Your To-Do List. What's eating you right now? A dreaded task? Unwashed dishes? A conversation you need to have but don't want to do? An appointment with the doctor that you keep procrastinating? Whatever it is, get it out of the way and as a reward, spend the rest of your day enjoying all the summer sunshine.

2. Lighten Your Spending. Less is more. Get drug-store ice cream instead of expensive frozen yogurt. Get a cute summer dress second-hand. Bus to the beach instead of driving. Have a picnic in the park instead of eating lunch in a restaurant. When you are in the midst of a beautiful summer day, you really do not need to spend much money to increase your enjoyment of the season.

3. Lighten Your Eating. No, and this isn't because we want to make you feel anxious about swimsuit season. You want to have lots of boundless energy to enjoy these long summer days, right? However tempting those hot dogs, deep-fried vegetables and funnel cakes are, don't slog yourself down with oily and greasy summer fair food (too much). Eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead, which will be better for your skin, mood and overall sense of health. Treat yourself to a fruit smoothie instead of ice cream. Or a summer salad instead of a heavy potato salad. Consider going vegan raw for a day!

4. Lighten Up Your Mood. Take your inner kid out to play like you're on the best summer vacation ever. Like building sand castles, riding the Ferris wheel, going to the zoo, roller-blading in the park and watching scary movies. Take a page from the kids in your neighborhood: smile more, laugh more, play more.

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By Yumi Sakugawa on Intent.com