5 Amazing Apps for More Restful Sleep

Source: 5 Amazing Apps For More Restful Sleep

If you're struggling to get a good night's rest, an iPhone app may be your ticket to sweeter and more sound slumber. Check out these five apps that offer guided meditation, soothing sounds, sleep stats, and so much more. With a little help, you'll hit the hay in no time.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Plenty of folks are raving about the simple but efficient Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($0.99). The clock wakes you when you are in your lightest sleep phase, allowing you to wake up with the most energy possible.
  • Naturescape: Interested in taking a five-minute vacation to Hawaii? Naturespace (free) can help you on your mission. The free app offers six different locations that were all filmed in 3D in order for the listener to feel as if she's truly traveled to where the sound was recorded.
  • Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson: Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson ($2.99) offers a helpful guided meditation to lull you into the best rest possible. The app offers helpful relaxation training tips that you can incorporate not only into bedtime but into your day-to-day activities as well.
  • Sleep 101: For a comprehensive look at your sleeping patterns with quality advice, Sleep 101 (free) should be your pick. The app offers a nightly report of your sleep stats and claims to be 86.2 percent as accurate as a wrist-based sleep monitor.
  • Ambiance: Whether you want to focus and get alert or cool off and calm down for a good night's sleep, Ambiance ($2.99) helps you create the ideal environment for your needs. You can also use the alarm mode on Ambiance to fall asleep and wake up gently.

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