5 Easy Breakfast Swaps for Healthier Eating

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There's nothing wrong with a decadent egg-bacon-pancake platter every once in a while, but even better is a breakfast that tastes indulgent even though it's not. Keep calorie counts and fat grams down during breakfast with a few of these healthy swaps. Whether you need a better breakfast option when you're on the go or just want to be able to eat French toast again, read on for five easy, healthier breakfast ideas.

  • Swap Your Breakfast Meat: New research has found that regularly eating processed meats can increase your risk of pancreatic cancer. So skip the bacon strips and greasy sausage patties and make YumSugar's recipe for salmon patties instead. Then whip up some whole wheat English muffins for a breakfast sandwich you can feel good about.
  • Skip the Pastry Display: Coffee-shop muffins and croissants may not be the healthiest, but they are a tempting option when you need your breakfast to be grab-and-go. Unfortunately, at 400 or more calories, the price you pay for convenience is more than just what's in your wallet. Spend a little time on the weekend making a batch of these gluten-free egg muffins instead. Like little quiches, these morsels pack everything from protein to greens for a healthier start to your day.
  • Make Over Your Pancakes: Don't stick with a conventional milk, flour, and egg pancake - pack yours with fruits, protein, and other healthy additions, or swap out the dairy for a lower-calorie vegan stack. Try this gluten-free vegan pancake recipe or check out six more healthy pancake recipes that'll keep you feeling full.
  • Yes, You Can Have French Toast: French toast has it all - including the calories. For a recipe that's half the gluten-free coconut French toast recipe from a reader.
  • A Healther Hash: Conventional hash recipes, with all those fried potatoes and cheese, can clock in high in calories and saturated fat. The calories in this chard-filled vegetarian hash recipe, however, is only about a third of that. Whether it's for breakfast or a quick weeknight dinner, this hearty but healthy hash is sure to please.

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