5 Fun Cardio Substitutes for Running Haters

By: StacyAtZeel

.Sure, thousands of pavement-loving adrenaline junkies are gearing up for the Marine Corps and New York City Marathons as we speak. But that doesn't mean the entire world has fallen for the alluring world of running.

Are you a running hater? Zeel Fitness Expert and iBodyFit founder Franklin Antoian understands that many of his clients prefer to get their daily exercise on without having to turn to the treadmill or track. Here, Franklin equips us with five fun alternatives to running that still strengthen the heart, burn calories and keep us fit while having lots of fun.

Soccer. Head to the pitch to play 12 minutes of soccer, and you can burn as many calories as you would while running for 10 minutes.

Boxing. Get in the ring and burn 429 calories in just a half hour!

Jumping Rope. You can burn the same amount of calories by jumping rope as you can running. Boxers do it; so can you.

Biking. Take an easy 20-minute bike ride, and you'll not only strengthen your heart and have a good time, but you'll burn the same amount of calories as you would during 10 minutes of running.

Walking. Walking is an easy, low-impact way to burn calories, lose weight and strengthen your heart. In order to burn the same number of calories as you would on a 10-minute run, take a 30-minute walk.