5 Fun Ways to Work Out at the Park

When a mama takes her babes to the park, she can pretty much guarantee the kiddos have a good time while expending some physical energy. There's really no reason she can't do the same. While the little ones beg to go higher and higher, mummy can get lower and lower - all in the name of fitness and fun. Check out these five easy ways to squeeze in a workout at the park!

  • "Faster, Mommy, faster!" Sound familiar? When your little gal wants to go faster, indulge her and your legs for a sprint-worthy workout. The cardio will get your heart pumping while making you the hero of the playground. Think of tight loops as you interval workout for the day.
  • Sometimes lifting your child up to the bars is enough of a workout. But when it's not, challenge yourself by hanging from the bars and pulling your knees up to your chest for an abdominal exercise. Add another level by doing pull-ups on the bars. A running start makes pull-ups and chin-ups easier!
  • Next time you're behind the swinging motion, step into it with a little extra oomph. When his tush is coming back at you, give him a push while lunging forward. Take a quick step back on his backward motion and repeat with your other leg.
  • What better place to practice your step ups than the park? While your darling is swinging away or getting messy in the sandbox, you can look on while working your legs. If you're advanced, try to add a jump to the maneuver. It could make for a good game of peek-a-boo!
  • The next time you're on the other end of the see-saw, be conscious of the inner thigh and calf muscles. Depending on the age of the other rider, you can engage and release your muscles slowly to get a deeper burn.

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