5 Healthy Post Workout Snacks

Hunger hits hardest after a session in the gym. Avoid ruining your calorie count with these sensible snacks that are high in protein, calcium, and fiber. Finally you can keep your energy up so that your weight will stay down.

1. Edamame Soybeans are a satisfying source of fiber, protein and amino acids. All those nutrients ensure your heart stays healthy and your bones are strong.

2. Chocolate Milk Mixing the antioxidant power of dark chocolate and the calcium of milk helps your muscles recover from a long workout. So go ahead, rock a milk mustache again.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs Eggs get a bad rap for their cholesterol content. But at 78 calories, one boiled egg packs a protein punch that will fill you up between meals.

4. Greek Yogurt This divine dairy snack is perfect for after your morning run. Top with fruit and granola to add extra health benefits to this cholesterol free food.

5. Kale Chips Potato chips are the snack of the past. Avoid the grease and get the added benefits of cancer fighting vitamin K with these oven baked veggie chips.

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