5 Hilarious Running Shirts We Love

by Charlotte Andersen for SHAPE.com

Great swag is one of the best parts of running races! Don't you wish one of these Ts would end up in your bag?

1Are you crazy for half-marathons?Are you crazy for half-marathons?. Half Crazy: Are you crazy for half-marathons? Or just half crazy? You'll have plenty of time to figure it out during your next 13.1-mile jaunt.

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We all know at least one person for whom this is true!We all know at least one person for whom this is true!2. Lazy but Talented: Most race T-shirts are a testament to all the hard work you put into your training, but this Nike number takes the opposite tack! At least they're honest? We all know at least one runner for whom this is a true statement.

Revenge of the turkey trot!Revenge of the turkey trot!3. Revenge of the Turkey: Normal people just run their 5K and then eat their turkey on Thanksgiving. But members of the Erie Runner's Club flee the Revenge of the Turkey with popular Star Wars characters immortalized as tasty birds.

Watch out for the zombies!Watch out for the zombies!4. Zombies Hate Fast Food! Running away from the evil undead may be the best reason yet to take up running. And with the rise of "Zombie runs" all over the country, you even get to pick whether you're predator or prey. Just remember: Zombies hate fast food!

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Is this the best damn race ever?Is this the best damn race ever?5. Best Damn Race: Some people may think that their race is the best race ever. Not so, and now you have the Best Damn Race shirt to prove it! Plus, at the Best Damn Race in Florida, the Best Damn volunteers take the Best Damn race pictures as you cross the Best Damn finish line. How could you beat that?

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