5 Olympics-inspired Workouts Working Moms Can Do at Their Desks

You don't need to wear workout gear to do these moves at your desk.Inspired by the Olympics, award-winning fitness expert Ilyse Baker of FitnessGlo has come up with five easy-to-do exercises that working moms can do right at their desks. The moves help strengthen your arms, shore up your core, and tone your legs, all without leaving your cubicle.

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For those of us who still can't figure out how to properly work in a workout, quick hits like these are fantastic. Recent studies indicate that spending your days glued to your desk chair can shave years off your life, linking a sedentary lifestyle to higher risks of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. But 30 minutes worth of exercise each day can make a huge difference -- and that half-hour chunk can be broken up into three 10-minute workouts and still be just as effective, another study shows.

But the best part about these at-your-desk exercises? We can even multitask while doing some of them.

Take a look:

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