5 Outdoor Exercises for Mom and Baby

If you're a recent mother, you know how hard it is to squeeze in exercise between working, cooking meals, and changing diapers. When you do find time for a workout, its often limited. And losing that baby weight is hard enough without having to arrange for childcare. Luckily, exercise is something you can do with your infant while getting some fresh air and enjoying the outdoors.

Angela Salveo, a certified personal trainer, demonstrates 12 stretches and exercises you can do with your child. "The trick is to fit a little in here and there when your baby is in a good mood," Salveo said. "Don't push her past her limit or you'll never get your workout in." As you do these exercises, a useful tip is to count out loud to your baby. You'll keep track of your reps while helping your little one pick up on numbers.

Always check with your physician and your pediatrician before starting an exercise routine, and take extra care to keep your baby safe while you're exercising. If you've had a C-section, you'll need a longer recovery period before beginning exercise.

Yelena GalstyanYelena Galstyan


Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Sit your child on your tummy and hold onto her hands. Perform a situp, working your abdominal muscles, and give her a kiss at the top of the move!

Yelena GalstyanYelena Galstyan


Lay the baby on her back and get into the pushup position. Keep your abdominals engaged and your body in one straight line. Each time you lower down for the pushup, give your baby a zerbert!


Yelena GalstyanYelena Galstyan


Pushing the stroller or holding your baby securely, take a big step forward and bend your legs to 90 degrees into a lunge position. Because the weight (baby) is in the front, be sure to keep your abs pulled in tight so you don't hurt your lower back. Watch the front knee so it doesn't go over the front toes.

Yelena GalstyanYelena Galstyan

Airplane Leg Lifts

Lie on your back and lay the baby on her tummy on the top of your lower legs bent at 90 degrees. Holding on to the baby's hands, drop your heels down toward your glutes and lift up again.

Yelena GalstyanYelena Galstyan

Superman Shoulder Press

Stand up and hold baby in your hands. Using your shoulders, lift you baby up in the air. Keep abdominals tight to protect your lower back. Bring the baby back down for kisses and repeat.

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