5 "Health" Foods That Are Bad for You

It turns out that some foods that are labeled "good for you" might not be as healthy as they seem. Take a close look at the ingredients before buying these five "health foods" and make sure that they're not loaded with sugar, fat or other unhealthy ingredients.

Made with yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit, a parfait seems pretty harmless, but a little certainly goes a long way. In fact, unless made at home with the right ingredients, this "healthy" snack can easily contain heavy dessert-like numbers for calories, fat, and sugar. When in doubt, just eat some fresh fruit instead.

Gluten-Free Products
Gluten-free products are all the rage these days. Although some gluten-free products are healthy, by no means does the label "gluten-free" equate to health. If it's packaged or processed -- gluten or no gluten -- it's not as healthy as other whole foods you could be eating. The best gluten-free foods aren't products at all; They're fresh fruits and vegetables!

Blue Corn Chips
Blue corn chips seem healthier than regular white or yellow corn tortilla chips, but they really aren't that different, thanks to similar calorie, fat, and sodium counts. Don't let that rich blue color fool you!

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Low-Fat Muffins
The low-fat muffins at coffee shops always look so good. And although they are a reduced-fat version of the full-fat muffins they sit next to, they are by no means actually healthy. In fact, when most manufacturers take fat out, they have to replace it with something to make up for the lack of taste. And that something is usually sugar, making most low-fat muffins not even that less caloric than their full-fat counterparts and probably less filling.

Turkey Sandwich
You've probably heard that when in doubt of what to order out, a turkey sandwich is always a safe bet, right? Well, it depends on where you're eating. Highly-processed deli meats can be high in nitrates and sodium, which is hard on the heart. Not to mention that turkey sandwiches are oftentimes loaded with full-fat mayo and include huge portions of bread (white or wheat, too much is too much). As always, check those nutritionals before you eat to know what kind of turkey sandwich you're really getting!

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