5 Reasons Surfers Love Yoga

by MyYogaWorks blogger Laurel House

Surfers love Yoga tooSurfing is considered one of the most calming mind/body sports. It is also an insanely awesome workout! Want proof? Check out the abs, butt, and arms on surfers.

Yoga, too, is known for its ability to quiet the mind but if you don't consider it an intense workout, think again. Yoga bodies are arguably some of the most revered.

MyYogaWorks online yoga teacher Alex Crow explains the similarities between the two, as they require similar strengths, skills, and mental discipline: "Physically, both require balance, upper body and core strength. Mentally, bravery and determination are paramount to success."

Turns out, surfers recognize the benefits of yoga for its ability to improve their experience on the waves. Alex explains that much of the supporting benefits has to do with being present in the moment: "It's about paying attention to only what is true and factual in this very moment. Once you pay attention to this moment you are able to step away from the constant chatter in your mind, and from that, you can make clear and wise choices. It's a peaceful place to be, but also a very balanced place to try to live. This clarity and peacefulness is much the same as the feeling surfers get when they're on the water."

5 Yoga Poses For Surfers

For arm, back and core strength:

1. Reverse Chaturanga (going from the ground and lifting up into a push-up position)

2. Plank

3. Upward Facing Dog for balance

4. Tree Pose

5. Warrior 3

So before you brave the waves, do a few poses on the sand. You're sure to have a serenely strong day.