5 Reasons You're Bugging Your Fellow Yogis

You're sweaty, smelly… and late to yoga? Oh, no. Don't be that girl. Here's how not to annoy your fellow yogis…

Today kicks off National Etiquette Week, and celeb yoga trainer Kristin McGee, who you know from "Body by Bethenny," is speaking the truth.


"I wanted to share ways you can be courteous and gracious in yoga class. As a yoga teacher for over 17 years now, here are some of the most un-yogic manners you should try to avoid."

1. Being late for class.
I realize we all have such busy lives and it's truly hard to be on time always, but it's also very disruptive to a class when someone walks in late. It's also dangerous, depending on how late you arrive. If you've missed some of the warm-up, you could injure yourself. If you are running late and you really want to take class, be as polite and quiet as you can when you enter the room, and before you stay, and ask the yoga teacher "Is it okay for me to still join in?"

2. Leaving early from class.
Don't skip savasana! Final relaxation is one of the most important parts of the practice; and it feels so good to give yourself some much needed down time. If you have an appointment you absolutely have to go to, let the teacher know beforehand. Take your own one-to-two-minute corpse pose before you discreetly leave, without making too much noise and bothering other yogis around you.

3. Wearing too much perfume.
It's yoga class, not date night! Many yogis are sensitive to heavy smells; and in class, everyone is breathing very deeply. If you have on super strong perfume or other fragrances, it can be nauseating for others. Try to skip any major oils or perfumes before class and save it for after class before you head back to work or go out.

4. Not wearing deodorant.
On the other hand, do try and make sure you are clean and you have some sort deodorant on. It's okay to use natural brands even, but if you go too au naturel, it's hard on the other yogis around you to breathe deeply once again.

5. Taking up a lot of real estate.
Many yoga classes get very crowded. It's okay to have the props you need neatly organized near your mat, but it's not cool to drape your sweatshirts, socks, purse, cell phone, etc. on or around your mat. It's
distracting and it gets in the way of your own practice and others around you.

Your yoga practice is a very special time and it's important to honor it and yourself and your fellow yogis. Be on time, stay for the entire class, wear little to no fragrance, and keep your armpits clean and your area tidy! Oh, and this just goes without saying: don't check your cell phone, text or have your ringer on during class.

Is there something a fellow yogi does in class that annoys the crap out of you? Let us know below in comments. Namaste.

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