5 Secrets to Flat Abs

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It may not be a secret that the best way to a six-pack is a healthy diet (even if it's no diet at all) and regular exercise, but there's a right way and wrong way to a flat belly. If you're trying to find the best combination to help banish belly fat and strengthen your torso, read on for five tips for getting flat abs.

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  • Time to De-Stress: Having too much stress can lead to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which can increase the amount of fat you store around your belly. Can't seem to de-stress? Take a few minutes each day to relax with these tips on how to decrease levels of cortisol in your body.
  • Eat Belly-Blasting Foods: The secret to getting flat abs includes a diet that helps shrink that midsection. The best things to eat include foods high in fiber and other foods that help you beat the bloat. Find out which foods you should be eating to bust that belly here.
  • Don't Rely on Crunches: If you're looking for killer abs, don't waste your time focusing solely on crunches, since they tone just one muscle group and exacerbate bad posture, especially if you sit with a rounded spine at a desk all day. Instead focus on full-body exercises, like plank with row or squat to overhead press. Not only do these exercises save time by working multiple body parts while engaging your core, they also do so without the posture-wrecking position of a rounded spine. For more moves, check out our video on ab exercises with Jennifer Aniston's yoga trainer Mandy Ingber.

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