5 Strange but Effective Tips for a Better Marathon

by Charlotte Andersen

These strange marathon tips really workThese strange marathon tips really workWhen it comes to finishing 26.2 miles, these runners will try anything!

1. Who needs bathroom breaks? "I have been known to show up to the start line of marathons with my toddler's diaper in my shorts just in case of emergencies. Those port-a-potty lines are long!" - Kristin Stehly of Stuftmama

2. Sports bro: "I'm a man and I wear a sports bra. But only on long runs (over 10 miles)! It keeps my shirt from chafing my nipples and it doesn't rip out my chest hair like Band-Aids. It's nothing fancy (I like the cheap really stretchy ones) but I will admit to having several different colors!" - Anonymous

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3. On-the-go chafing solutions: "During long runs, I sometimes experience chaffing on my rear. To help prevent this, I keep a glob of petroleum jelly in a piece of Kleenex so I can do one reapplication during my run. The Kleenex is for storage, but it is a great way to stay sanitary (no need to use fingers) during application." - Amanda Rosenburg-Giovanis of Happy Mother Runner

4. DIY arm warmers: "I take old socks, like tube socks, and cut the feet out of them to wear as cheap arm warmers at the beginning of a race. You can also just cut off the end of the toe and a little hole in the heel to make arm/hand warmers with thumb hooks. Then when you heat up, you toss them." - Amanda Loudin of Miss Zippy

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5. Stride in silence: "I wear hot pink ear plugs! It seems to get a lot of looks and comments like, 'Aren't you too young for that?' But it really helps my focus!" - Monica Nelson of Monica Nelson Fitness

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