5 Wacky Running Races

These fun runs and road races show the extreme and extremely fun things people will do in the name of fitness!

Wife Carrying Championship
Although the original wife-carry race is thought to have started in 19th century Finland, the Wife Carrying Championship that is held in Maine every Columbus Day is a more modern affair. The teams who compete do not have to be married, and in some cases the woman holds the man. The winner takes home the "wife's" weight in beer and five times her weight in cash.

Krispy Kreme Challenge
Twelve donuts and four fun miles make for one sticky sweet race! North Carolina State University organizes the Krispy Kreme Challenge to benefit the NC Children's Hospital, and last year they raised $100,000. "Challengers" must finish the race in under an hour and eat a dozen donuts at mile two and, er, keep them down. "Casual Runners" can eat as many or as few Krispy Kremes as they want.

Bare Buns Fun Run
For those extremely comfortable in their skin…and only their skin, there's the Bare Buns Fun Run. This 5K race is technically "clothing optional" and takes participants through Tiger Mountain in Washington. If you've opted to not wear clothes we strongly recommend slathering on sunscreen. Not ready to take your nude workout outside yet? Try naked indoor yoga.

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New York City Pizza Run
Last year pizza aficionado and New York City resident Jason Feirman (he also runs the website I Dream of Pizza) took his passion to the streets and started the New York City Pizza Run. Participants run 2.25 miles through the city's Tompkins Square Park and stop to eat three slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the course.

Dances with Dirt
According to the races' website, "Participants in one of the Dances with Dirt races should expect to be scratched, muddied, and bruised by the beauty of this unpolished gem." The series of races take place throughout the country: Green Swamp, Florida in winter, Gnaw Bone, Indiana in spring, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin in summer and the aptly named Hell, Michigan in fall. All of the races include "sections of insane terrain…. running down or up rivers, butt slide hills, mud holes, and off trail bushwhacks. But mostly great trail running," says Randy Step, who calls himself the Head Goat of Dances with Dirt.

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